Welcome to the Hotel Brasserie Smits!

Doing business together is a dream come true for us. As so often the arithmetic is correct: 1+1 = 3, we reinforce each other. How pleased we are with Hotel Brasserie Smits. This place is unique. History goes back to 1901, so by unique we really aren’t saying too much. Imagine, for more than 120 years the sun has been shining so abundantly on our terrace. How many people have already enjoyed that? It is special to be able to work in that tradition.

Right from our start, we made the interior and exterior of our building look friendly and inviting. The hotel rooms have been completely renovated. The brown cafe, so to speak, has given way to a brasserie where everyone feels at home. We cherish some of the old elements, such as the authentic bar and the beautiful chandeliers. We combine this with contemporary colors and materials, with a subtle nod to Wemeldinge’s marina. The new logo fits right in. The steering wheel with the cutlery is the familiar feature of Hotel Brasserie Smits.

Personal hospitality and quality

At Hotel Brasserie Smits, we focus on two main concerns: personal hospitality and quality. You will be seen. Whether you come in the morning for a cup of coffee with apple pie or cheesecake, meet for lunch, end the day with drinks or come in the evening to enjoy a tasty dinner with your family. We have compiled the menu with care for you and strive for prices that- for which you will gladly return. Working together locally is something we like to do! For example, we work together with a Zeeland mussel company and our potatoes come from the land down here. In addition to the quality of the products, we place great importance on presentation. We know the eye wants something, too. Would you like to stay overnight? That hits the spot! Wemeldinge is the perfect base for a few days in Zeeland and our hotel rooms are spic and span.

A sea of time

At any time of the day, we are there for you with a smile. We are glad you are here! You will have time to enjoy yourself no matter who you are or what you are doing. That’s what makes Hotel Brasserie Smits so unique. Tourists sit convivially alongside our business guests and acquaintances of the village. No one feels more or less and happily so. It’s that relaxed and casual atmosphere that we also appreciate so much ourselves. A family dinner, friends outing or business meeting, we are happy to host you.


We are buzzing with energy to get going! In doing so, we consider ourselves fortunate to have our employees. True toppers, who are complimented at least as often as our dishes. And yes, we are immensely proud of that. For us, Hotel Brasserie Smits stands for: pleasant company, beautiful sunshine, a nice snack and drink. We said it: entrepreneurship is a dream come true for us!

Renovation Brasserie Smits Wemeldinge
Renovation Hotel Smits Wemeldinge

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